Anatomy Drawing School: Human and Animal

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Author: Andras SzunyoghyFormat:  Paperback | 420 pagesDimensions: 230 x 297 x 27.94mm | 1,088.62gPublication date:  01 Dec 2016For centuries, the study of anatomy has played an important role in t...
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Giới thiệu Anatomy Drawing School: Human and Animal

Author: Andras Szunyoghy

Format:  Paperback | 420 pages

Dimensions: 230 x 297 x 27.94mm | 1,088.62g

Publication date:  01 Dec 2016

For centuries, the study of anatomy has played an important role in the education of artists. An understanding of anatomy constitutes the basis for the precise representation of human and animal forms whether at rest or in motion.

With more than seven hundred and fifty detailed illustrations by the Hungarian master artist Andras Szunyoghy, Anatomy Drawing School offers an in-depth view into the anatomy of human beings and selected mammals.This book brings two bestsellers together, combining Anatomy Drawing School: Animal Anatomy and Anatomy Drawing School: Human Anatomy.

For the student, the volume's remarkably precise depiction of the skeleton and muscles will open the door to the true-to-life reproduction of the various parts of the body and their movements, a critical step on the road to artistic mastery. Professor Gyoergy Feher provides clear and precise descriptions to accompany every illustration. Above and beyond these anatomical descriptions, his introductory texts offer a living image of the depicted life forms.

This effective combination of artistic and scientific depictions makes Anatomy Drawing School an essential reference work for painters, graphic artists and anyone interested in anatomy.

Graphic artist and painter Andras Szunyoghy is a professor at the Institute for Anatomical Drawing at the Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest His works have been featured in exhibitions in many different countries, spreading his renown far beyond the borders of Hungary.

Gyoergy Feher was a veterinarian and a lecturer at the Budapest University of Veterinary Medicine.

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